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Online Past Life Regression | 線上前世回溯

Access your past life without limitation | 無地域界限探索前世

  • 3 小時
  • 430 Australian dollars
  • Online Zoom Meeting


What's Included: Past Life Regression - 3hours (Including consult after the regression) Womb Experience Your own session recording Your own Energy and Aura reading report and analyze 服務包括: 前世回溯 - 3小時 (包括回溯後探討及解讀) 胎中體驗探索 你的前世回溯過程錄音 你的氣場及脈輪能量分析及報告 Past Life Regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to access memories of past lives or incarnations. Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? You've had the experience of feeling that you've been somewhere before or known someone a long time ago even when you two are first met? Some of us have had recurring dreams about places or people or situations for which there is no logical explanation. Was that sound like you? We might have one or more past life that we lived. From my experience, during the process subconscious will take you back to a Past Life that holds some significance to your current situation in this lifetime. Exploring that Past Life will bring understanding yourself and your purpose in a much more profound way and gain clarity of this lifetime. ***This service is for online booking only, I am a specialist in direct deliver hypnosis and so you can enjoy this beautiful experience without any limitation in your comfortable own home. But If you would like to come to visit in person, please book the face-to-face Past Life Regression Session in the previous page. You can also gain more insight by reading my post below: 前世回溯是一種使用催眠來獲取前世記憶的體驗。 你有沒有想過.....你以前是否生活過在這個世界上?或其他的空間? 你有否經歷過,感覺你以前曾經去過某個地方或與某些人第一次見面,但心中總有一個你似曾相識的感覺? 或者...你反覆夢見一些地方、人或情況, 而未有找到合乎邏輯的解釋? 我們可能有一個或更多的前世, 根據我的經驗,在進行前世回溯這個過程中,潛意識會帶你回去檢視你於這一些最需要探討的前世,這對你今生的現狀有一定的意義。 而探索前世可以令你以更深刻的方式去了解自己,並對這一生的使命,課題更加清晰。 ***這是一個經由網上進行的體驗, 催眠是經由直接傳遞, 所以你可以不受任何地域限制,安坐於家中享受這一個美好的體驗. 如果你想要親臨我的診所進行前世回溯, 請於上一頁預訂另一個真人1對1前世回溯服務. 你還可以看一下這個Q&A獲得更多見解:



82 Glenvale Road, Ringwood North VIC, Australia

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